Wednesday, December 24, 2008

worshiping with the penrith epc-ers....

Today was a lovely time of fellowship with the people in the Penrith congregation of the EPC. We were greeted at the door of the church by David Dole (one of the elders) and we worshiped in some kind of a 'communal church'. As in- everyone in the area seems to rent it for their own church services- the EPC had the 1:00 and 6:30 time slots booked.

The singing was a bit different to what we were used to- some of the tempos were different and we struggled to keep up as they set a cracking pace! But the people in the congregation said they really appreciated having some parts sung in church and just generally having people to visit.

We watched a sermon by Pastor Connors on DVD- it was about putting on the belt of truth as part of the armor of God. A really timely reminder to us about being consistent in reading solid Christian literature and valuing the means of grace.

For anyone planning to come through Sydney COME AND VISIT THE PENRITH CONGREGATION!!! They would desperately love to have some visitors- the majority of the congregation is actually young couples at the moment. Some of them are thinking about coming to the Easter Camp in Tassie, so those of you in the Apple Isle may just get to meet them without coming to Sydney just yet!

We were invited to lunch by David and Ella Dole along with Luke and Sarah Robberts. Sam and I got another glimpse into life with babies (they each had one)- full on but beautiful :) ....and no Granny that's NOT a subtle hint! :D

Sunday night Sam and I decided that we really should be trying to get fit and some resolving has been done....see how it goes :)

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