Friday, December 26, 2008

Stunning Sydney Sights.....pity Sam deleted all the pics.............

Before I write anything, I'd like to apologize on behalf of Sam......these posts are late......... and as you can probably tell....I've ended up writing sorry if my writing is starting to get a little monotonous!

After checking out of our Penrith cabin, we left the car in a side street- took one last longing look at it in case someone had stolen it by the time we got back, and raced down to the Emu Plains train station. Sam had to sprint over to the nearest ATM at the pub and we just caught our train. It was an hour's journey on a double decker train- we sat up the top level with a dubious group of bikies....but they were harmless enough.

We swapped trains at Central Station and pulled into Circular Quay. It was swarming with tourists- I hardly heard an Aussie accent! Sam's idea of a successful trip would have been to literally step off the train, look at the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge and then get back on the train and go home!.................I would have liked to have gone on a ferry to Manly- but alas.....Sam didn't want to. Lol, it was funny when we got to Central Coast and his aunty said “Now, I'll tell you something you really shouldn't miss is to catch a ferry to Manly and wander around” Hahaha....he at least had the decency to blush :)

It was a fairly hot day- we took our GPS around with us in the city, as we were looking for a pair of sneakers for me. It was harder than we thought, as we didn't really know anything about the city but eventually we found a place and bought some.

Sam rang his rellies in the Central Coast and they kindly offered to have us stay for however long we wanted to. Aunty Margaret flew to Europe the next morning, Sareet was already in Paris, Uncle Avrim was sick and Savahn was working it was fairly frantic, but lovely to meet and catch up with some of Sam's side of the family. (Sorry if anyone who actually knows how these names are spelt are offended........I know how to pronounce them....but not spell them!)

Margaret and Avrim cooked us up a beautiful bbq and we sat around listening to Avrim's traveling stories. Lol, he has a real gift in story telling and kept us entertained with his tales of coming out from Israel as a young guy and camping on people's property, teaching Israelie dancing to groups of randoms, being threatened with a few guns in USA etc....

Aunty Margaret wanted to give us a tour of the Central Coast in the evening, but by the time Avrim had stopped.......we got a night tour :) She took us around the the coast, pointing out her dream houses- if you were a beachy kind of person, it would be the ideal place to live I think.

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