Friday, December 26, 2008

On the road Yamba!

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After packing up at the caravan park we picked up some rolls for lunch in Nambucca Heads then got back onto the Highway- Sam drove the 3 hours....while I slept :) Today was sweltering! We've had the air con on everywhere we've been.

I couldn't help stopping at the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, even though it seems to get smaller and smaller every time I see it! Sam and I got an ice-cream and joined the queue for our 'standing in front of the big banana' photo.

We stopped off at some electrical/tech places to see if there was anything worth getting at the boxing day sales- but didn't see anything worth getting.

I'm currently typing this post from our studio cabin. Thankfully we have air conditioning as it's still very humid! We've just had tea (I had thai and Sam had......yep you guessed it....a chicken burger!) and we're watching 'The world's fastest Indian' which is about a guy who sets out to break a land speed record- played by Anthony Hopkins. I'm going to keep watching, so I'll finish up now

Until next time!

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  1. hahaha WEll sam. Quite a trip your having that is for sure lol. alot of typical photos of you both haha!... rach once again a muslim. and you once again a the naked man in the water haha!. dave told me about how you and him and trev and all that missed the count down lol. Lord zortoc! hahaha