Wednesday, December 17, 2008

magnificent coastlines and multi- cultural meetings

After a disrupted night's sleep (due to Sam's asthma and my stomach aches) Sam and I stumbled out to breakfast with Ma and Grandpa. I know it's only the start of the trip, but Sam and I both reckon seeing my family at the farm was definitely a highlight. They're such relaxed, friendly warm people. We had the royal farewell from Ma, Grandpa. Mal and Merk, and headed off into 'the great unknown'. CD playing, isn't this great.....5 minutes later Sam's eyes are swelling up due to hayfever and it's time for a get out the tablets.

We passed through lots of rain-forest and bushy patches- we were surprised at how green and lush the countryside was! Sam really seemed to love the VICTORIAN scenery- yes Sam, I shall be quoting you on this :)

Sam and I stopped just outside Lakes Entrance at a lookout and just as we were coming back to the car we saw a guy doing oil paintings out of his van. His face was brown and leathery and he typified 'the Aussie bloke'. As we talked to him, we heard about his troubles selling paintings in Lakes Entrance. As he said 'It's hardly the cultural capital of the world is it...' The actual works of art were amazing- he was obviously talented, but lacked marketing or exposure. So, he had plans to head up to Sydney where he had some 'contacts'. Apparently one of the guys he was going to meet up with used to exhibit his work with Pro there you go!

Ok- as I'm writing this, I realise it's mostly going to be about the people that we met, as.....I'm a people for those of you who just want the route we traveled, check out the google maps in previous posts.

The painter recommended a place called Cape Conran. Sam took a fair few photos. Here's some of the interesting rock formations

....and some strange human formations too......

This little cove actually reminded us a lot of Tassie- very pretty and peaceful.

After going through some more towns, we ended up in Mallacoota which is where I'm typing this blog post. Lunch consisted of a chicken burger for Sam and a falafel burger for me from a little cafe in the town. We got a powered tent site with a view of the water. Sam wanted the power so that he could hook up the laptop cord. For a while we had the cord stretched out from under the tent to the power point...but soon gave up on that idea as it started raining. It hasn't been the nicest weather- a bit grey and showery....but hey, that's where movie watching in the tent comes in handy!

We've just come back from the camp kitchen- a great set up with everything you could want for free communal use....i may suggest free food in their visitors book for next time.....It was a truly multicultural affair with people from Ireland, England, Sweden, Brazil, Peru and Sydney in there while we sizzled our sausages. There was a really nice couple who had come over from Brazil to do their masters degrees- one in International Business and one in Human Resource Management. They'd been studying in Melbourne and are pretty much doing the same kind of trip as us- heading up the East Coast for 3 or so weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if we run into them again at some point.

Well, the rain is pattering on our tent and it's the kind of sound you could easily be lulled to sleep I may just finish up now and do just that. Oooooh and one more thing- we paid for our tickets to London/Paris in June 2009 this afternoon on the it's finally real and happening! Sam keeps reminding me to live in the moment and enjoy focusing on this trip and our beautiful sunburned land shall be my priority now :)

Good night!

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