Monday, December 15, 2008

The journey has begun. =)

Its the end of the first day of our holiday. We drove a lazy 150 or so kilometers to a little town called Cowwarr. Some of Rachel's rellies live on a farm here – from her dad's side of the family (Stewart).

When leaving Melbourne, we bought me a waterproof raincoat in preparation for wet weather. I've never actually owned a raincoat before, so its really cool to now own a good quality one.

We snapped a few photos with my mobile phone on the way here (camera batteries were dead) but they didn't turn out very well. The most interesting shot we got on the way to Cowwarr was a huge coal powerplant. You kind of need to be there to appreciate the colossal size of the thing.

On getting to Cowwarr we had a great lunch with Rachel's grandparents (Jim and Pat Stewart) – the nicest folks you'll ever come across. We had a good 'ole yarn about various things and some great belly-laughs.

The land here is a lot dryer than in Tassie. Mal and Megan Stewart (who own the farm here) are dairy farmers and own about 400 acres of property (all very flat). They have 300 cows on the property (looking to make that 400 soon). Talking to Mal about it, he said it has to be one cow per acre – any more and you'd be pushing the land. Below are a few choice photos of the farm.

Here's a classic 'Sam Duff' moment: I was diligent in making sure we had packed the camera and the power cords to charge it too – then just today as I went to download some photos onto my laptop for this blog post I realised that I'd forgotten to bring the camera's USB cable...... Never fear, I can still remove the SD card from the camera and stick it into my laptop – but its a pain.

Tomorrow we're going to travel to Mallacoota, a six hour drive. We'll be leaving Cowwarr at about 9:30am and stopping at a few places along the way. Below should be a Google map of the route we'll be taking.

View Larger Map

Hopefully by tomorrow we'll be into the full swing of holiday mode – with some better photos too =)


  1. Hey the photos turned out all right. What megapixel is the camera in it?

    Jim's computer hasn't arrived, and the house has burnt to the ground.

    Love you both :)

  2. The camera is 6mp. But the MP's don't count nearly as much as the quality of the lens - that really makes the difference.

    Just got a message from Jum, the computer has arrived and he's -uber- excited =P

    As long as you saved my computers then I don't mind about the house =)