Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holidays! Yay!

I've arrived in Melbourne after a long night on the boat. The seas were pretty calm and my 'recliner' seat was at the back of the ship so I didn't have any trouble with sleeping. I'm pretty sure I snored loudly – I can usually tell if my throat hurts (like when you scream - lol).

Its overcast and rainy here in Melbourne. The weather isn't very conducive of a jolly holiday attitude. Hopefully it will clear up a bit.

I'm parked outside a cafe near Melbourne's dock waiting for Rachel's plane to arrive before I head off to the airport to pick her up. I'm going to have to trust my TomTom GPS to guide me there – gulp. I'm kind of hoping that it doesn't lose a lock on the satellite during my trek through the city or I'm stuffed.

Aaah, lots of unsecured wireless networks around me. Just like home. It makes it easy to pop online and check your email 'n stuff. I'm kind of hoping that Australia will follow the USA's lead and open up the current TV wireless spectrum for free wireless access in the next few years. Good old Google pushed for that in the USA, I hope they can do the same thing here!

And no, I'm not currently logged into an unsecured wireless network. I'm using my mobile phone plugged into my laptop for Internet access. Its actually really cool, I just plugged in my phone into the laptop with a USB cable and Ubuntu Linux instantly told me that I could use my phone for Internet access – it then proceeded to take me through a very short and intuitive wizard that set it all up for me! I've had no problems with it so far. Very cool. I'm telling you right now – Vista and XP have trouble doing the same thing. Linux 1 – 0 Windows. =D

After I've picked up Rachel we're going to head around to her parents house and 'crash' (David and Robyn Stewart). We're staying there for the weekend and attending Sunday church services at the AFC (Australian Free Church). It will also be handy to get some good music for the trip from the Stewart's resident music guru: James Stewart. I still have yet to hear him actually finish listening to a single song.

Anyway, I'm going to get some more sleep before Rachel's plane arrives.


  1. Wow! It'll be terribly wonderful spending holidays in NSW Australia if I have free, overflowing wireless access!

  2. thanks for the email, i never knew you had a blog. Are you going to be passing through brisbane while on holiday? I'm in koh samui, thailand using my mobile phone with an unsecured wireless network, but i'll be back home on the 23rd dec for about a week. Give as a call if you'll be in our area then. Josh

  3. Hey Josh,

    Yeah we'll be passing through Brissy. We're planning to attend church there too.


    nice dig... not =P We're in NSW at the moment actually - Bateman's Bay.