Friday, December 26, 2008

Early Awakenings for Courageous Cliff Climbers

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Savahn encouraged us to make an early start this morning and tempted us out of bed with a delicious hot breakfast (Zac got the same treatment when he stayed here!) We were away by 7:30 and I drove about 3 hours to Forster/Tuncurry. Sam who doesn't really do early mornings- slept all the way until we stopped for a break. We propped in a town for some morning tea. I had a delectable piece of macadamia slice and a pot of lady grey tea. The interior of this place was impressive, with plastic walls that had been painted and textured to make it seem like a really old homestead kind of place......I realise when I say “impressive” and then follow it with “plastic walls” that you're probably rolling your eyes...but trust me, it was effective :)

I took a detour from the Highway and followed a tourist road. We ended up at an interesting looking beach. Because we had quite a bit of time we decided to do some exploring.

Sam had climbed up a high spot on the rocks and followed him with some hesitation, as I was wearing thongs and I am pretty much the biggest scaredy cat I know!......I'm even scared of swings!.....So no, I don't think I'll be going on the Giant Drop!

There were some truly spectacular views over the jagged cliffs and onto the rocks below as well as out around the coast on the land.

We got into Forster and had some lunch- but after a message from mum about Carvan parks being closed on Christmas Day we phoned up a place in Nambucca Heads and drove the extra 3 hours that day.

After getting into our cabin, we stocked up on some food for tomorrow and watched carols on TV and the movie- Ever After.

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