Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cricket, caravan parks and coastlines

Kiama- This would have to be one of the prettiest spots I have ever laid eyes on! For me it had the perfect balance of spectacular coast line, interesting shops, friendly locals and lots of touristy things to do. We stayed in a 'Big 4' Caravan Park- the weather again looked fairly showery, so we opted for a cabin. It was an impressive caravan park with a huge reception, swimming pool/rock garden area, cafe/kiosk etc...

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For the first time our trusty little GPS failed us....before we ended up at 'The Big 4' we'd been searching for a place...that landed us in a winery car park- lol, someone asked where they could buy one of these types of GPS's :)

While Sam sat and watched the Aussies in the cricket, I drove down the main street of Kiama. I was impressed that they seemed to provide everything you could want/need but still retain the 'quaint small town' feel.

In the morning we packed up and headed back to Gerrengong Markets...after much persuading by me! They were fairly small- we bought some garlic cheese and again got caught up talking to a local photographer! I had some absolutely delicious Chinese dumplings...............Sam had chips and gravy :D

We drove back up the coast to Kiama and visited one of their main tourist attractions- the blow hole. There were two sections to it- firstly you came up to the bit where it blew all of the water into the air, then you walked down to where the waves all gathered in pressure on the other side of the tunnel. Sam scampered around the rocks and got some great shots!

The rest of the journey we meandered up the coast to Penrith- stopping at a little cafe/deli in Gerroa- According to all of the awards on the wall it's got quite a reputation, but we had no idea it was even there when we pulled in! We had a burger each and Sam got an iced chocolate. The cream on it actually tasted citricy- sour almost. Sam mentioned it to the guy who insisted that he'd made the cream that morning.....which he may have done, but it was still off!

We're getting quite good at the retired old couple thing, with our thermos and cup of tea stops! Because the weather was still showery, I wore my awesome pink raincoat that mum and dad bought me in Scottland. Lol, the funny thing is that when I wore it over the top of my blue striped skirt and had my hair all over the one side of my head....I looked distinctly like “Helga the German Skier from the 80's”.....

The couple from Brazil we met in Mallacootta had recommended a little point....that I can't remember the name of. We drove in....realised it was a national park.....paid $10 entry, then got excited when we saw signs for lots of little 'villages'. The thing was that their idea of a 'village' consisted of some naval base housing commission places that all ended in a bunch of dead end roads and and a turning circle. We went on a couple of very short walks where Sam got bored and decided to stir me............things got a little heated :) .....................

The whole thing was rather disappointing! The view from one of the lookouts was spectacular though!

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