Friday, December 26, 2008

Central coast and the shark encounter..........

We had the day to play with, as we decided to stay another night with Avrim and his daughter Savahn (Margaret had already left by this stage). After slathering on sunscreen we went into the town and had lunch at Italian restaurant- I had a beautiful homemade lasagne with salad. We then went down to Putty Beach and had a swim. We'd probably been swimming for about an hour when I saw a fin......I was pretty sure that it wasn't a dolphin.......I started wondering if I'd just imagined it but.we got out of there fairly quickly. Some surfers who were just about to head in said that another lady thought she had seen a fin in the water and we were glad we got out when we did!

We had a chicken wrap for tea then headed back to the house that evening. I sat out on the verandah reading a magazine and watching the impending storm. It was very humid and the thunder rumbled, lightening flashed and rain pattered down. It wasn't a heavy storm, but I was glad we weren't still out there swimming!

Savahn and Avrim again kept us entertained with stories of nursing (Savahn- who is Sam's cousin by the way- is doing some kind of practical course in nursing). Avrim is a teacher and seems to know something about everything- I could have listened to him all night- he has a great sense of humour and a lot of life experience.

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