Thursday, December 18, 2008

A bob cut (not bob CAT) and a bird cage....

May I please explain.... Yesterday, after leaving Mallacootta in drizzling rain, we ended up in Bega for our next stop. We visited the Bega cheese factory, but didn't buy any cheese- just nibbled on the free samples :) I seem to remember all sorts of interesting cheeses there from when I visited as a child- chocolate, coffee, fruit flavours- but there were only about 6 basic types.

Despite Sam's reservations about the 'Best Western' Motel chain (credit card details being stolen from past clients) we booked in for the night- we decided it was worth the money just to be somewhere dry!

'The pizza man' provided tea- some of the nicest we've ever tasted. The guy cracked jokes and chattered away the whole time we were waiting....I think Sam was glad to get out of there! The tent needed to be cleaned down and dried off, so we used the old towels to dry it off in the bathroom, then draped it over the chairs in the motel....Sorry, no photos from yesterday!

Today Sam and I were due for haircuts (here's the bob cut reference)....Sam had a trim which was fine, and I thought “Why don't I just get it all chopped?”...So I did....I was envisaging something slightly longer...but oh well, I'm getting used to it! My poor husband on the other hand had these choice quotes 'That looks terrible' and 'You look middle aged'. Thanks. For. The. Support. Darling. :D He'll get used to it too....when it grows!

The drive from Mallacootta to Bateman's Bay was very pretty- lots of rolling green hills and a smattering of tourist towns with eclectic boutiques, emporiums, old lolly shops (the shop not the lollies...) and antique places.

We stopped for a coffee in a little town that I can't remember the name of.....sorry factual people! The place that we had our coffee was a quaint old train carriage that had been turned into a cafe.

I am also the proud owner of a small metal bird cage with a metal bird. Lol, I asked Sam if he'd mind if I got it as he was walking out of the shop- He said “You decide based on your conscience...” Trying to guilt me out of it..... Hahahaha my conscience said “I wholeheartedly support this purchase” Thank-you conscience :)

We are now currently in Bateman's Bay- staying in a cabin at one of the caravan parks. A few minutes ago it was absolutely bucketing down- hail, thunder, lighting- the works. Well, we're going to venture out into the storm to hunt and gather our evening meal.


Sigh...for those interested in the Facts...not just my's the map :)

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  1. Hahahaha I like Sam's responses to your hair, however untrue and cold they may be. I think it looks fine rach :) Sam looks thrilled in that photo of you two.

    Hope the trip is going well! I have two bills here that Im trying to call you about. Anyway, take care!


  2. I often wonder how sam convinced you to marry him rach. Like he can criticize anyones hair after that pony-tail abomination he used to have.

  3. Tas, its Sam here.

    That 'abomination' of which you speak was art. Beautiful, MANLY art. I am all that is man.

    Fashion is subjective - it, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Rachel beheld my beauty and couldn't take her eyes off me. Like a moth to the a fly to dead meat.....I captivated her. You know, she chased me - not the other way around. =D