Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So, what are we going to do?

Ok, we've had our first WWW developers meeting. We had a stellar turnout! Plenty 'o people turned up and helped us start defining our direction.

We had a lot of topics to cover, but ended up barely covering the first few. This was due to a larger than expected discussion about certain issues such as the use of a CMS or which demographic the site is meant for.

Further meetings will need to be held to make more of these decisions.

We talked quite a bit about the state of KDE's websites - needless to say, quite a number of them are in a state of bad repair. In our discussions on this we decided that it would be a good idea to consolidate many of the subdomains into the xBases (techbase and userbase). This especially applies for the websites that do not seem to be in 'good repair'.

We will be compiling a list of the subdomains, their current state and their maintainers and contacting them regarding this plan. We're not saying that everyone has to shift to the xBases, but we are trying to move a lot more data there. All these subdomains are more a problem than a solution (maintenance wise, n00b user wise). If we can get rid of even half of the ~40 subdomains and consolidate them into the xBases then it will make our job a whole lot easier.

Also, during our meeting it was pointed out that we need to define what content we want to go on . This was because there were differing opinions as to whether we have 'learning' information or 'community' information on the site landing page. There are very strong arguments for both views, but we will talk about this further in subsequent meetings.

It was also discussed that we need a proper licence policy for all the content that goes on the KDE sites. This is especially applicable to user contributed content. We will be doing this with the help and guidance of the KDE e.V. board.

So, in terms of what were going to do? We're going to start tidying up the subdomains and moving as much as we can into the xBases, we're also going to get the ball rolling on creating a licence policy for content.

You can view the IRC meeting log here:

We didn't get around to discussing open collaboration services as we ran out of time. But this will be brought up in a future meeting.

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